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This example shows that SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys makes simple concept patterns. When it finds touchscreen is cool or touchscreens are easy to use , it assigns them to touchscreens + easy to use combination. Similarly, when it finds touchscreens are reasonable , it assigns the response to touchscreens + reasonable combination.

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To determine which concepts SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys cannot fit into any type, look at the concepts included in the Unknown type, as shown in Figure 86.

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INTRODUCTION TO SAS TEXT MINER TODAY S AGENDA INTRODUCTION TO SAS TEXT MINER Define data mining Overview of SAS Enterprise Miner Describe text analytics and define text data mining Text Mining Process

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669 Figure 86. Resource Editor view for Japanese Text Making and Updating Templates Whenever you make changes to your resources and want to reuse them in the future, you can save the resources as a template. When doing so, you can choose to save using an existing template name or by providing a new name. Then, whenever you load this template in the future, you'll be able to obtain the same resources. See the topic Copying Resources From Templates and TAPs on page 76 for more information. Note: You can also publish and share your libraries. See the topic Sharing Libraries on page 677 for more information. To Make (or Update) a Template 6. From the menus in the Resource Editor view, choose Resources Make Resource Template. The Make Resource Template dialog box opens. 7. Enter a new name in the Template Name field, if you want to make a new template. Select a template in the table, if you want to overwrite an existing template with the currently loaded resources. 8. Click Save to make the template. Chapter 69. Session Resource Editor 666

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IBM SPSS Modeler Three proven methods to achieve a higher ROI from data mining Take your business results to the next level Highlights: Incorporate additional types of data in your predictive models By

Mention that the data to read is delimited. 

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We'll now take a closer look at each one of these features.

From Scikit-learn and Tensorflow to SPSS Modeler, save and deploy models from the most popular machine learningframeworks using the tools of your choice: including notebooks and Modeler Flows in Watson Studio Desktopor any IDE used for Python.

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IBM SPSS Text Analytics Mastering new challenges in text analytics Making unstructured data ready for predictive analytics Contents: 6 Introduction 8 What is text analytics and how is it used? 5 Approaches

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SPSS Output items, typically tables and charts, are easily copy-pasted into other programs. For instance, many SPSS users use a word processor such as MS Word, OpenOffice or GoogleDocs for reporting. Tables are usually copied in rich text format, which means they'll retain their styling such as fonts and borders. The screenshot below illustrates the result.

PASW Text Analytics for Surveys Specifications Get the most value from your surveys with text analysis The words people use to answer a question tell you a lot about what they think and feel. That


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